I have introduced this page as an easy way of displaying some of my more recent work.

This very first offering gives me the opportunity to tell you about  one of the best ever photography days out and a venue in the SouthWest of the UK that anyone with an interest in photography and wildlife should visit at least once - just make sure you take plenty of memory cards and batteries.

I’m talking about the Westcountry Wildlife Photography Centre on the border between Devon and Cornwall. It may be off the beaten track but the effort to find it will be repaid many times over with a chance to photograph an incredible variety of our animal species in natural settings.

In the course of the day I spent there, I was fortunate enough to get ‘up close and personal’ with twelve different species of birds and mammals - and a frog. The only reason we didn’t capture more is that I spent so much time with those I did see. But, never fear, I plan to return so there will be a chance to build on that total.

Of the hundreds of shots from the day, I have chosen just a few to tempt you to visit. However, while wanting to show off some of my better shots, I thought this would also be great place to showcase a newly developed piece of software from one of my favourite producers - Topaz Glow. Whilst I use Topaz to enhance many of my images, ‘Glow’ is specifically an ‘effects’ filter that, with careful application, really gives fur and feathers the ‘wow’ factor.