Thanks for visiting my site. Did you see something you like?

I will be adding a page to this website with prices and a shopping facility but that’s going to take a little time. Meanwhile, if there’s a picture you are interested in, just email me and I’ll send you a quote by return.

The most popular medium for the majority of images is as a top quality print mounted on acid-free board ready for framing and I recommend a size of 40cm x 30cm or thereabouts. Of course, if you have a specific wish for a larger print, just ask as most pictures can be produced at considerably larger dimensions. The largest print I have supplied to date was a 6’ x 4’ picture showing the manufacturing space of a Sheffield-based tool company and is now on display in their reception area along with several “smaller” (4’ x 3’) images depicting various processes used on the site.

An alternative method of presentation which I find both convenient and effective is as a laminated vinyl print on 5mm rigid plastic Foamex board. This suggestion works particularly well with extra-wide panoramas.

Yet another option would be to incorporate the chosen image in a personalised greetings card and let a loved one enjoy my work as well.

Whatever your thoughts, if you care to spare me a minute or two, I would welcome your feedback or enquiries. Just drop me an email and I’ll get straight back to you.


The images shown in the galleries are just a selection of my work and may not include the exact composition you want. If you are looking for a picture for a specific position or purpose and would like to see if I have something already in my system or you would like me to capture a view or portrait of a  loved one - person or pet - please get in touch and I would be delighted to discuss any specific requirements.