All the experts recommend that you finalise the content, design and layout of your website before you start to create the actual on-screen version. I’m sorry but I haven’t done that; in fact, I’ve sort of made it up as I’ve gone along. So it may not be well organised but I suppose you could say it reflects my personality, probably in much the same way as my photos do, being quite an eclectic collection.

I took my share of ‘snaps’ as a kid - and still do - but my real interest in photography as a serious hobby began about 30 years ago with my acquisition of a film SLR. At the same time, I was quite heavily into my music and, with a demanding job and growing family, something had to give. It may seem a shame but it was the photography that suffered and, for many years, I only picked up a camera on high days and holidays.

I recall trying a cheap digital camera when they first came out and I maintained an interest in digital photography until the early ‘noughties’ when everything was suddenly turned upside down by cancer. It was pretty rough at the time and the cure - chemo/radiotherapy - left me with a few issues.

Frustratingly, nerve damage had me struggling with the most basic of tasks - I couldn’t even hold a pencil, let alone play my guitar or operate a camera. But things slowly improved until eventually I was able to hold a camera although I still need to look to see where the buttons are rather than rely on feel. Sadly, my fingers still won’t do as they’re told so the guitar has now gone but, as it went, it financed a rather nice macro lens for close ups.


The majority of photographers who have ‘made it’ seem to have a preferred area or subject with which they work and their success is invariably down to becoming one of the best in that particular field. I’m still searching for my niche but I don’t really mind if I never find it because I’m having fun along the way.

I have long had a passion for the world about us and love photographing landscapes and nature. I can spend ages trying to get an even better shot of a bee than I have already and, as my wife will testify, hours can pass while I search for just the right light/angle/view.

Most of my pictures are easily classified but some might require a little more in the way of an explanation. For example, one of my galleries features ‘Panoramas’ for which there is no definitive rule although my interpretation is the stitching together of multiple photos to produce a view where the longer dimension is at least twice the shorter - and that can work vertically as well as horizontally.

Also with ‘Portraits’, I take this to mean a close up shot which provides some insight into the character of the subject which may well be an animal and not just a person.

We also have a gallery into which all items which don’t fit elsewhere can be dropped - ‘and there’s more....’ As mentioned, I am fascinated by the manipulations of a digital image which can be achieved with the right software. So I have used this miscellaneous pot to house images which have been drastically altered or might be considered abstract. I am also including some of my attempts at computer-generated pictures - see what you think.